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Blossom Lake Adventure
Rock Lake Adventure 

​​This program is a  5 day adventure designed to expand the camper’s knowledge of area-specific recreational opportunities, flora and fauna, and to instill an appreciation of our natural areas.  Day one includes preparatory learning, wilderness safety, leave no trace, and packing for the trip! the next few days include a moderate to difficult hike to a mountain lake, where campers experience rappelling, day hikes, fly fishing, camp activities, and more!  campers leave the experience with a heightened sense of self and an appreciation for our world and its offerings. A camp coordinator and field instructor lead the group. certified volunteers may be accompanying the group as well. all staff are professionals of the community with much backpacking and wilderness experience. Professionals will be equipped with GPS and handheld radios for communication and safety purposes. 

***These adventures are currently available to youth ages 12-15. ***

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