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Fishtrap / West Fork Adventure 

​​This program is a  4 Day  Adventure designed to expand the Participants' knowledge of area-specific recreational opportunities, flora and fauna, and to instill an appreciation for our natural areas.  Day one includes set up of base camp at the pristine Fishtrap Lake Campground, preparatory learning, wilderness safety, and a short hike. the last three days will include multiple day-hiking experiences, Fossil Hunting, water activities and/or an overnight backpacking trip, and informative lessons from local biologists and forest service professionals! An Adventure coordinator and field instructor lead the group. certified volunteers teach lessons and facilitate day hikes. all staff are professionals of the community with much backpacking and wilderness experience. Professionals will be equipped with GPS and handheld radios for communication and safety purposes. 

This adventure is currently available to youth

ages 12-15  Priority given on a first come-basis.  

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