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*** COVID-19 UPDATE***

Project ASCENT allows for social distancing for the entirety of all of our camps.  We offer a small group experience which heightens our impact and greatly assists in keeping our campers safe and COVID-free.  If travel is necessary, we offer multiple sanitized vehicles to maintain social distancing requirements.  All professional lessons are prepped to be given via Zoom if necessary, as internet access will be available at base camp.  Free face buffs/shields, personal tents and equipment, hand sanitizer, and COVID safety education are all a new part of our experiences.  Also, we adhere to and use the CDC Small Youth Camps Readiness Tool (attached) and are in constant contact with our county health department. We believe that our outdoor adventures are a necessity in our new times for maintaining mental, physical, emotional, and social health.  As always, we go above and beyond to ensure the safety of all of our participants!

These 4 day camps feature overnight camping, exploration, wilderness activities and lessons. 
For ages 12-17
These 5 day camps feature a one day prep, safety and basic backpacking lessons, and a three night backpacking trip to a mountain lake. For ages 12-17. 
NEW in 2019!!!
These 4 day camps feature lessons on kayaking, entomology, fishing, waterways, invasive species, water safety, and camping skills coupled with a four day - three night pack float in kayaks down a meandering scenic waterway! Ages 12-17. 
NEW in 2021!!!
These 4-7 day camps combine elements from all types of adventures. Experience lessons on kayaking, entomology, fishing, waterways, invasive species, water safety, and camping skills coupled with skills such as kayaking, survival, base camping, backpacking, hiking, and more! Ages vary per adventure!
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Project ASCENT is a

501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation.

EIN: 82-2938914